Why Do Cats Bite You When You Sing? 5 Reasons

Cats have been a part of our lives for centuries and have become an integral part of the human experience. Some people, however, find it difficult to understand why do cats bite you when you sing. Read on to find out the 5 reasons.

Why do cats bite you when you sing?

When you sing, cats are attracted to the sound waves. They may bite you because they think you’re a bird or a cat toy.

Cats have sharp teeth and they may accidentally nip you when they’re trying to get a closer look at what’s happening. Sometimes they’ll do this when they’re startled or when they’re feeling territorial.

5 Reasons why cats bite you when you sing

5 Reasons why cats bite you when you sing

One of the most common reasons why cats bite people is when they are trying to show their dominance. When a cat bites you, it is usually doing so out of aggression or protection.

Another reason why cats bite people is when they are startled or afraid. Cats can be startled by loud noises, or when you startle them by singing or clapping. If a cat is fearful of you, it may bite you in an attempt to protect itself.

1. Fear or aggression

Cats may bite when they are afraid or aggressive. This could be because they have never seen someone sing before and think it’s a threat, or because the song is unfamiliar to them.

2. Territoriality

Cats may bite when they feel threatened or territorial about their territory. This could be because you’re invading their space, or singing near them while they’re trying to sleep.

3. Neko reflexes

Some cats have fast reflexes that help them catch prey, and they may bite when they hear you sing as part of your performance.

4. The “singing voice”

Some cats find the sound of your voice soothing and calming, which can lead to biting if it’s associated with being bitten or scratched in the past.

5. Hunger

Sometimes cats will bite when they’re feeling hungry or thirsty – especially if you’re providing food or water in an inappropriate way (like putting it in their mouths)

4 Ways to Stop a Cat From Biting You

4 Ways to Stop a Cat From Biting You
4 Ways to Stop a Cat From Biting You

Cats are animals and as such they may occasionally bite when they are feeling threatened or angry. In most cases, cats will stop biting once they realize that they are causing harm or discomfort to their human companions. However, there are times when a cat will bite out of instinct or in response to an emotional trigger.

Here are five ways to stop a cat from biting you:

  1. Speak to your cat in a calm and soothing voice. Cats respond well to verbal communication, so use this tactic to try and get them to stop biting you.
  2. Move away from the cat if it is being aggressive or uncooperative. If the cat bites you while you are trying to move away, it may think that you are attacking it and will react with more aggression.
  3. Try distracting the cat by playing with it or giving it some treats. This can help to calm down the cat and make it less likely to bite you in the future.
  4. Smack the cat on the nose if it starts biting you excessively or if it seems determined to injure you. This may be enough to get the cat’s attention and stop it from biting you permanently.


Cats bite people for a variety of reasons, but often times it is due to fear or anger. When cats are fearful or angry, they may become hostile and lash out in an attempt to protect themselves. Singing can actually provoke a cat into attacking, as the sound waves cause them discomfort. If you’re ever bitten by your kitty, don’t try to pet them or get close; instead, calmly remove their mouth from your skin and go about your day. Thank you for reading!

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