Why Do Cats Sit On Their Toys? What’s The Deal With That?

Cats are undeniably unique creatures, with their mysterious behaviors and endearing quirks. One moment, you’re pondering why your feline friend is sitting on her toys, and the next, you’re baffled by her antics. But make no mistake, there’s always a reason behind every cat’s actions. Whether they’re seeking attention, marking their territory, or simply engaging in play, understanding these behaviors is part of being a responsible pet owner.

1. Warmth and Comfort

Cats have a soft spot for cozy spots, even if it means perching on their toys. You might have noticed your kitty finding sunny patches on the floor, snuggling under your laptop during a Zoom call, or even hitching a ride on the Roomba. While her toys may not be as warm as sunlight, they offer a more generous surface than the chilly floor, making them an appealing resting place.

2. Smelling the Familiar

If you’ve ever caught your cat pausing to sniff her toys before claiming them with a comfortable perch, it’s not without reason. Cats have an acute sense of smell and use it to navigate their surroundings. When your cat sits on her toys, she might be picking up your scent, signaling that she’s waiting for your return. This behavior showcases their strong connection with you.

3. Marking Territory

The notorious act of marking territory, often through scent, is a common feline behavior. Cats mark their domain by leaving subtle traces of urine and scratching furniture. Sitting on their toys can also be a way of claiming them as their own. This becomes especially relevant in multi-cat households, where your kitty might assert her ownership to avoid conflict.

4. Predator Instincts

Cats are natural hunters, and sitting on their toys may stem from their instinctive predatory behavior. In the absence of real prey, a stuffed mouse or feathered toy serves as a substitute for the hunt. Playtime and interactive toys that mimic hunting can fulfill this instinct and keep your feline friend active and engaged.

5. Love for Small Spaces

The “If I fit, I sits” motto seems to hold true for many cats. They adore squeezing themselves into tiny spaces, whether it’s a vase, a cardboard box, or, in this case, their toys. Your cat’s attraction to these snug spots likely arises from her love for confinement and the sense of security it provides.

6. Seeking Your Attention

Cats are notorious attention-seekers. When your feline friend sits on her toys, it might be her way of capturing your focus. If you react by laughing, recording her, or even scolding her, you’re inadvertently reinforcing this behavior. To discourage it, try ignoring her next time she does it, and she might eventually seek attention in other, less disruptive ways.

7. Coping with Stress

Surprisingly, even the most adorable felines can experience stress. Common stressors for cats include visits to the vet, guests at home, or the introduction of a new cat. When your cat sits on her toys, it might be because they provide comfort and familiarity during stressful moments. In such cases, consider comforting her instead of moving her away from her toys.

8. Boredom Buster

Boredom often leads to self-stimulating behaviors, and sitting on toys could be a form of self-entertainment for your cat. She may be seeking to amuse herself, hoping you’ll take notice and join in. Providing interactive toys and playtime can alleviate boredom and keep your cat mentally and physically engaged.

9. Leaving Their Scent

Cats use pheromones to communicate with both humans and other felines. Your cat might be sitting on her toys to mark them with her unique scent, signalling ownership and preventing other cats from interfering. It’s also a way for her to express her gender to potential mates.

10. Playful Hide-and-Seek

Cats love the game of hide-and-seek, hiding in various nooks and crannies around the house. When your cat sits on her toys, she might be partaking in her version of the game. Her subtle presence atop her toys could be her playful way of hiding in plain sight.


There’s no reason to consider your cat’s habit of sitting on her toys as problematic. It’s usually a harmless, quirky behavior motivated by various instincts, needs, and desires. Understanding these feline behaviors can help strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend and ensure she’s happy and healthy. So, let your cat have her moments on her toys – it’s all part of the unique charm of being a cat parent!


Is it safe for my cat to sit on her toys, or should I move her away from them?

It’s generally safe for cats to sit on their toys. If your cat finds comfort or enjoyment in doing so, there’s no need to move her. However, if her behavior becomes disruptive or bothersome, consider providing alternative sources of entertainment.

Can sitting on toys indicate that my cat is trying to hide or play a game of hide-and-seek?

Yes, cats sometimes sit on their toys as part of a playful hide-and-seek game. Cats are known for their love of hiding and exploring small spaces, and their toys can become a part of this playful activity.

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