How To Keep Cat Off Snake Tank – 6 Ways

If you have a snake tank in your home, it’s important to keep your cat away from it to ensure the safety of both your pet and your reptiles.

How To Keep Cat Off Snake Tank

Here are a few tips to help keep your cat off your snake tank

1. Keep the tank covered

One of the easiest ways to keep your cat away from the snake tank is to keep it covered with a secure lid or a mesh screen. This will prevent your cat from being able to access the tank and will also help keep your snakes from escaping.

2. Keep the tank out of reach

If possible, try to place your snake tank in an area that is out of reach for your cat. This could be on a high shelf or in a room that your cat doesn’t have access to.

3. Use deterrents

If your cat is still trying to get to the snake tank, you may want to try using deterrents to discourage them. One option is to place double-sided tape or aluminum foil on the floor around the tank, as these materials can be unpleasant for cats to walk on. You can also try using a motion-activated air canister or a loud noise-making device to startle your cat if they get too close to the tank.

4. Provide alternative activities

If your cat is attracted to the snake tank because they’re bored or seeking attention, consider providing them with alternative activities to keep them entertained. This could include providing them with plenty of toys and interactive playtime, as well as making sure they have access to plenty of food, water, and a clean litter box.

5. Use a cat-repellent spray

There are a variety of cat repellent sprays available that can help keep your cat away from certain areas of your home. Simply spray the repellent around the perimeter of the snake tank to create a scent barrier that will deter your cat from approaching the area.

6. Train your cat to stay away

With consistent training and positive reinforcement, you can teach your cat to stay away from the snake tank on command. Start by saying a specific command, such as “leave it” or “no,” whenever your cat approaches the tank. Then, immediately reward them with a treat and praise when they move away from the tank. With time and patience, your cat should learn to associate the command with staying away from the tank.

Remember to always be consistent and patient when training your cat, and to never use punishment or physical force as a means of behavior modification. By using positive reinforcement and providing your cat with plenty of love and attention, you can help keep them safe and prevent them from getting too close to the snake tank.

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Cat Off Snake Tank

It is important to keep cats away from snake tanks for several reasons. Here are five reasons why you should keep your cat off the snake tank:

  1. Safety: Snakes can be dangerous to cats, as they are predators and can attack or bite if they feel threatened. Cats may not recognize the danger of a snake and could be injured or killed if they come into contact with one.
  2. Health concerns: Cats can carry diseases that can be transmitted to snakes, such as feline leukemia or rabies. In addition, snakes can carry diseases that can be transmitted to cats, such as salmonella.
  3. Stress: Both cats and snakes are sensitive to stress, and being in close proximity to each other can cause both animals to become stressed. This can have negative effects on their health and well-being.
  4. Damage to the tank: Cats are known for getting into everything, and a snake tank may be no exception. They may scratch at the tank or try to knock it over, which could result in injury to the snake or damage to the tank.
  5. Interference with feeding: Cats may try to steal food from the snake or interfere with feeding time, which can cause problems for the snake’s diet and digestion.

In summary, it is important to keep cats away from snake tanks for the safety and well-being of both animals. By taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that both your cat and your snake remain healthy and happy.


By following these tips, you can help keep your cat away from your snake tank and ensure the safety of both your pet and your reptiles. It’s also important to remember to always supervise your cat when they’re around any type of pet, and to keep a close eye on your reptiles to make sure they’re not in any danger.

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